Audrey A.

Eric and the team at Sierra West Painting Co completely over-exceeded my expectations for my exterior paint job. I began working with them after having a bad experience with my interior painters having over-promised and under-delivered on all aspects of the project. On the first site visit, Eric was friendly, attentive, and gave me the immediate instinct that I could trust him. His guys showed up on time, worked all day, and stopped in to ask questions about my preference periodically, rather than just assuming my tastes. They weren’t initially scheduled to work at my job Saturday but asked permission to come by and get a head start on more of the patching to prep the house. I was almost taken aback at how polite and respectful each team member was. When Eric came by to do a walk around, he pointed out touch ups he wanted his guys to do that I had not even noticed (and I am extremely detail oriented). After what felt like the remodel from hell, Eric was a breath of fresh air.